A noble cause becomes a reality, a family passion kindled in a young heart and a daughter voices admiration for her father’s road to success – these were the top three photo stories that captured the judges’ hearts in a recent contest organised by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia in conjunction with its 125! Years of Innovation celebrations.

Grand Prize winner Chew Hoong Ling shared her experience of donating part of her liver to a hepatoblastoma patient.

Her reward, besides a great feeling of joy at being able to share something so near and dear, is a Mercedes-scar on her belly.

Inspired by an article written by monks entitled “The Joy of Giving” in a booklet called “Life’s Great Gifts”, the 31-year old professional emcee, moderator and motivational speaker has been a passionate advocate of organ donation since the age of 13.

When a 13-year old girl was in need of a transplant, Chew knew it was time to walk the talk but never imagined she would permanently carry her dream car’s distinguished 3-point star so close to her.

“I never knew of the ‘Mercedes-scar’ until the doctors briefed me prior to my surgery and I expected a C-Class sized scar judging by what the doctor drew in the air. But it turned out to be a 14-inch S-Class one instead!”

“It was quite an experience, as I had the opportunity to undergo something that I have been extremely passionate about and in the process gain a unique and pleasant reminder of my deed,” she remarked.

Chew walked away with a 3 days 2 nights vacation package to Club Med Cherating and will have the luxury of driving to her destination in her favourite Mercedes-Benz, the C-Class. She also received a limited edition Mercedes-Benz model car.

A member of the Public Awareness Action Committee for Organ and Tissue Donation under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Chew added that organ donation can be a difficult topic to address and she is always on the lookout for innovative ways to put across her message and hopefully inspire more people to pledge or donate their organs.

The entire Mercedes-Benz Malaysia photo-story contest which ran for nine weeks from May to July was conducted via Facebook. It invited owners and enthusiasts to share their special moments and experiences affiliated with the brand.

Nostalgia ruled the day for second prize winner, 37-year old Alvin Chia Oon Wah, as he reminisced about the first time he drove a Mercedes-Benz. He fondly recalled how, as a 17-year old, he was not able to move his uncle’s classic Mercedes-Benz for half an hour trying to negotiate the manual-transmission.

A believer in the brand since then, Alvin’s story not only highlights his love and passion Mercedes-Benz cars, but the brand’s heritage, its racing traditions and its constant innovations.

“The thing that struck me most was the superb quality and the solid build of Mercedes-Benz cars. While my passion is inspired by my family, I have had the opportunity to experience it first-hand and discover its amazing qualities,” he said.

Alvin bought his first Mercedes-Benz, a Cosworth 2.3-16, more than 10 years ago and has enjoyed every minute of it. His dream – to own a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and to keep sight of this, he pops by Mercedes-Benz showrooms once in a while just to inspire himself.

Having lost everything including his beloved first Mercedes-Benz W123 purchased in 1978, Yong Kim Nyam put his heart and soul in his work to revive his business to get it all back. He, like many others, considered the Mercedes-Benz a symbol of success and achievement, and his road to success would not be complete without one.

Five different E-Class models later, Yong still holds the brand in high esteem. But it was his 30-year old daughter’s moving recount of her father’s story that claimed third prize.

“He has worked hard each step of the way and every Mercedes-Benz owned is a true reflection of his hard work paying off,” said the younger Yong in full admiration for her father.

Alvin and Yong each won a coveted spot at the exclusive Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience where they learn to master critical driving situations and become a more skillful driver through hands-on exercises conducted by expert Mercedes-Benz trained instructors.

The three received their prizes from Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Kai Schlickum, who credited customers and enthusiasts for the company’s success.

“The response to the contest was overwhelming and we had such pleasure in reading the stories submitted. We were truly humbled by the wonderful and poignant Mercedes-Benz tales which have transcended generations. These are precisely the kind of brand experiences that have continued to inspire us over the last 125 years.” he said.

Five consolation prize winners bagged a Mercedes-Benz model car each.

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