(In The Star 14th January, 2012)


I REFER to “8% of National Service trainees cannot read or write” (The Star, Jan 10). This is shocking and alarming, especially since Malaysia is gearing to be a developed nation. I suggest that students should not be allowed to move up to secondary school if they still cannot write or read when they are in the final year in primary school.

Just like college students who cannot pursue their degree if they do not possess a diploma, primary pupils should be asked to resit their papers or be tested in literacy before they can proceed to secondary level. On the other hand, teachers must ensure these retained students can read and write, perhaps with additional classes and transformational methods to teach them to read and write.

The Government can enrol the assistance of non-governmental organisations or volunteers to spend time and effort on additional reading and writing classes so that these students will eventually pick up the skills.

Kuala Lumpur.

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