By REGINA LEE LUMPUR: Social activist Chew Hoong Ling was a healthy 29-year-old when she donated over half of her liver to a complete stranger two years ago.

While many people may not understand her selfless action, the organ donation advocate wants children to know that sharing is caring.

This is why she has given two copies of her book titled I Don’t Know You But Let Me Save You to each of the 78 Chinese conforming schools in the country, hoping that whatever the children do in life, they will walk the talk like her.

“After reading the book, a lot of people were inspired to pledge to donate their organs. I want to inspire all Malaysians so that they can in turn inspire others,” she said after presenting the books yesterday.

Despite receiving about 60% of her liver, the 13-year-old liver cancer patient died eight months later after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

Chew took about three months to write the story.

“I was interviewed many times and had to repeat my story. That gave me the idea to write the book,” she added.

Motivational speaker and publisher Anas Zubedy agreed to publish her book after several teh tarik sessions with her. The book was released last year.

MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was at the book presentation yesterday, said the number of actual organ donors still paled in comparison to those who pledged their organs.

“Most of the time, it’s because of religious beliefs, parental objections and fear, and the lack of awareness and medical facilities or personnel to enable organ donations to be carried out easily,” he said in his speech.

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