BY C.S.NATHAN for the Year of the Dragon was the topic of choice during the recent Kahwin 4.0 forum in Seremban, with many participants wanting to know if they were in for good or bad luck in the coming year.

About 100 young adults participated in a lively discussion on the Chinese zodiac signs and what the coming year held for those born under the various animal signs.

Panellist Siow Koi Voon, who is also the Lobak Barisan Nasional Service Centre coordinator, said many of the participants were curious to know what was in store for them in the Year of the Dragon.

“The Dragon is the most powerful zodiac sign for the Chinese and people want to know what the year is going to be like.

“Young people are tech savvy but many still pay heed to traditional beliefs like the zodiac influence,” he said.

During the session, predictions for the year were shared with the audience, with the panellists discussing the positive attributes of each sign.

“The topic proved to be an interesting one that got the audience involved in the discussion instead of merely being spectators.

“Although we read out the predictions, the discussion mainly focused on maintaining a positive attitude in the face of challenges,” he said.

The zodiac was just one of the things addressed at the forum which is a platform for youths to discuss current issues and topics ranging from politics to social developments.

The forum was moderated by young entrepreneur Nicole Wong with Siow, Temiang Barisan Nasional Service Centre coordinator Jason Lee and lecturer Jess Chong among the panellists.

Siow said the panel also tackled issues related to social problems among youth, marriage and relationships.

“As a lawyer, I handle quite a number of divorce cases and this was one of the issues discussed.

“Young Malaysians find it increasingly hard to juggle their priorities — family, work, relationships and these were some of the things we touched on,” he said, adding that the panellists also shared personal anecdotes.

Project manager Chew Hoong Ling said the forum was a way to engage youth in a discussion of topics relevant to them.

“The forum was dubbed Kahwin not because it dealt with marital issues but because a mix of issues was discussed.

“Social issues, education, career, relationships and politics are all topics of interest to the young,” she said.

Chew said participants were aged between 18 and 40 and consisted mainly of working adults.

“We invite local leaders to be panellists as it offered participants the chance to voice their opinions and exchange views in an informal environment.

“The response from the crowd in Seremban was encouraging which resulted in a lively discussion,” she said.

Kahwin 4.0 forum will next be held in Malacca, followed by Johor and Penang.

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