(in Letters to the Editor, NST 9th february 2012)


PAS Youth has once again called for a ban on Valentine’s Day, saying the day promotes immoral activities.
The same group had called for a ban on concerts such as that by Elton John.

Such a stand on Valentine’s Day is childish. The very day to express gratitude and love has been tarnished as a day to indulge in immoral activities.

Young Malaysians are mature enough to think and may celebrate the day with more meaning. Over the years, Valentine’s Day, which was marketed solely to lovers, has broadened, with spouses, parents, family members and friends expressing love for each other.

The healthy progress of Valentine’s Day encourages people to express gratitude to their parents.

Immoral activities happen every day. Likewise, expressions of love and gratitude can be done daily, but our Asian culture finds it difficult to express feelings, unless it is a date where everyone expresses love. Valentine’s Day is the right time for Malaysians to express themselves.

Let us love each other, whether it is Valentine’s Day or not.

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