ABOUT 100 traders and visitors of the SS2 morning market were given green ribbons to wear on Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of organ donation.

The campaign was organised by the newly-formed non-governmental organisation, Voice of Women (VoW), and supported by the Petaling Jaya Utara MCA wing.

Lending a hand during the ribbon pinning ceremony was Petaling Jaya Utara MCA secretary Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou.

VoW president Chew Hoong Ling said: “We want people to wear the ribbon today to show their love not only to their loved ones but also to express their love for mankind.”

Chew said the green ribbon campaign may be a year-long event.

The organisation also plans to double its effort by holding public talks and handing out brochures and pamphlets.

Chew, who donated 60 per cent of her liver in 2009, said many people were interested to donate their organs but did not know how to do so.

“They want to know where to get organ donation forms and they also want to hear donors’ stories on what inspired them, as well as the challenges they faced in their spiritual and religious beliefs,” said Chew, who is also a member of the Health Ministry’s Public Awareness Action committee on organ donation.

To share her personal experience on organ donation and address some frequently asked questions on the matter, she wrote a book entitled I Don’t Know You But Let Me Save You.

Those interested to know more about organ donation can purchase the e-book at

The book is also available at major book shops at RM19.90. The royalty from this book will be channelled to Chew’s personal work on promoting organ donation.

To pledge organs, register at

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