20120309 THESTAR


20120309 THESTAR

THE reopening of Jalan SS3/39 near the Rukun Tetangga office in Petaling Jaya has been well received by the residents.

Petaling Jaya Utara MCA federal development coordinator Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou said they were glad that Jalan SS3/39 had been reopened to vehicles coming from Jalan SS9A/12 Sungai Way.

Wong said he had contacted the developer of the multi-storey mix-development who had initially closed the road on Feb 5.

“The road is the only access route for all those heading out to the LDP and those who need to pass SS3 and head to SS1. Closing it posed a huge problem for all of us,” said Wong who also lives in the area.

According to him the road was opened the next day much to the delight of all residents.

However, Wong added that the reopening would not solve the problem as the Petaling Jaya City Council should also look at drawing a yellow box and install warning lights there as well.

He said both were important to ensure no accidents occurred on the busy street.

“A detailed road study has to be done to include all new and future developments since this place is growing,” he added.

Wong said this during a special green programme organised by the SS3 Rukun Tetangga, residents associations and non-governmental organisations recently.

The event dubbed “Children” was held in collaboration with the Sathya Sai Centre in SS3, Pure Life Society, Voice of Women and PJ Utara Puteri Umno as well.

Wong said the project involved creating 30 raised garden beds at the Ruken Tetangga centre in SS3/39 to plant vegetables.

About 20 people from all the organisations, including children turned up despite the rain to build the little gardens in the compound of the Rukun Tetangga office.

“We hope this will be a module for all RT to consider in the future,” he added.

The president of the Voice of Women, Chew Hoong Ling said when they were first told about it, they were excited to join the bandwagon especially since the RT centre was in the neighbourhood.

She said it was an educational programme to help children occupy their time.

On hand to supervise the project was Sathya Sai Organisation central council Trees for Life committee member C. Krishnamoorthy.

“The children here today are all from our centres. We have done this project at the Pure Life Society before and it is an ongoing project. We will take turns to tend to the gardens in SS3,” he added.


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