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I REFER to a report that appeared in a Chinese newspaper about a youth who sold his kidney to buy a handphone.

This is wrong. It is sad that people treat organ trading as a means to make money.

Selling an organ for quick gain and giving your organ to someone in need are two different things.

Organ trading also leads to human trafficking and killing of innocent people. The National Transplant Resource Centre focuses on encouraging Malaysians to pledge their organs after death.

The government does not encourage living organ donors not related to the patients and monitors organ transplants closely.

To date, only 190,000 people of the 29 million population have pledged their organs.

I donated part of my liver to someone three years ago.

There are consequences as a living donor.

My concerns are for those who sell their organs without thinking of their future.

Let me say why I oppose the living donating organs.

If there are enough organs from cadaveric donors, will we still need living donors?

If we have enough cadaveric organs, will there still be sale of organs?

Most Malaysians are fearful or selfish.

Because of this attitude, we see more than 20,000 patients in Malaysia suffering or dying while waiting for organs.

As a result, I see little hope for patients with organ failures.

Some are willing but do not know how to pledge their organs.

Voice of Women is organising a “Spread Love, Save Lives” organ donation awareness campaign and we need your support on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/SpreadLoveSaveLives.

You can also pledge online on our Facebook page as well.

Pledge your organs today.

Chew Hoong Ling, president, Voice of Women KL and Selangor, and member, Public Awareness Action Committee for Organ and Tissue Donation, Petaling Jaya, Selangor


nst 20120403 

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