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(in the news ::: The Star, March 11th, 2012)

I REFER to your article under the heading “Govt wants to hear your ideas” (The Star, March 4), and would like to commend the Government for wanting to review our education system.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had said the Govern­ment wanted to evaluate the whole education system and would call all interested parties, including organisations, associations and institutions, to give their views, ideas and proposals at these sessions.

The national dialogue on education, he had said would take three to four months before the reports are compiled and the summary handed back to the people for evaluation.

To me, this is an unprecedented move and one that will certainly receive much feedback from the people.

During a National Youth Development Transformation Laboratory (YouthLab) conducted in 2010, participants had suggested that young people be involved in dialogue sessions if and when the authorities come up with a new school syllabus.

It was also suggested at the YouthLab that kindergarten children should be enrolled and start a year earlier at the age of five.

After the six-week programme which was attended by over 30 youth volunteers of various socio-economic backgrounds and ethnic communities, the proposals were also put forward and discussed at the Cabinet Committee on Youth Development, National Youth Consultative Council and the Education Ministry.

It would be good for the ministry to involve youth and youth organisations in discussing changes to the education system as they bring a fresher and different perspective of ideas and observations.

The views of young people are just as important if we want to move forward and stay ahead.


Member, Youth Development Transformation Laboratory


TheStar 20120311 

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