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I’D like to add to “Giving makes one feel good” (The Star, April 16). I have a lot to share especially after having given part of my liver to save a life of a stranger a few years ago.

All of us feel good when giving.

“The Joy of Giving”, an article in a booklet Life’s Great Gifts, inspired me to selfless giving. Without too much hesitation and yearning to experience the so called “highest joy of giving” espoused in the article, I gave part of my liver to someone three years ago.

A few months later, the liver recipient’s family showered me with gifts and health products, which made me feel uneasy. Just like Bulbir Singh, I felt a sense of guilt and obligation when accepting.

My mentor suddenly called me “selfish” for being unwilling to receive or take what was given.

Shocked, I asked, “How am I selfish when I gave, and did not take”?

My mentor said that by giving, we enjoy the joy of giving.

Similarly, those receiving too, want the enjoy the joy of giving.

By refusing to take or receive the goodwill of others, we deprive people of the same joy we want so much to enjoy.

I learnt that sincerely appreciating what was given to me gave me a sense of gratitude, and at the same time it opened the way for the givers to enjoy the joy of giving.

Giving only makes one feel good if there is a taker. Selfless giving and sincere gratitude when receiving make the world a better place.

Spread love today by sincerely giving and appreciate dearly what is given.


Petaling Jaya.

TheStar 20120418 

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