20120728 TheSTar

20120728 TheSTar

THE delayed construction of a walkway in Taman University, Petaling Jaya has left residents in the neighbourhood worried for the safety of pedestrians and motorists using Jalan SS3/66 on a daily basis.

Petaling Jaya North Community Service Centre chairman Datuk Dr Wong Sai Hou said the work at Jalan SS3/36, Jalan SS3/64 and Jalan SS3/29 started four weeks ago but it was not yet completed.

He recently held a press conference to highlight the issue at the Wawasan SS3 food court.

According to Dr Wong, four weeks was too long a time for the trenching work and residents could not take the contractors to task because the signboards pertaining to the pavement works had not been put up.

“We do not have any information about the project. We are unsure if it is a project by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) or the state government,” he added.

Dr Wong also said the digging work had taken up four feet on both side of Jalan SS3/64, affecting the business of night market traders.

He explained that the night market had to also make space for vehicles to pass through, therefore the traders had limited space to carry out their business.

Section 21 Residents’ Association chairman Gan Kheng said the uncompleted trenches could pose a danger to motorcyclists, especially at night.

“There are no barricades or signboards to warn pedestrians and motorcyclistsabout the ongoing work,” he added.

Residents are also worried that heavy vehicles may accidentally drive into the trench as they take the bend in the road, leading to a serious accident or even a possible explosion as there are two petrol stations along Jalan SS3/29.

Another of their concern is that the old trees along the road may topple over in the near future if the construction workers have unknowingly damaged the roots. Most of the residents currently park their cars under those trees for shade.

At the press conference, Dr Wong brought along security tapes to cordone off the area with the help of residents who turned up.

He said other areas including Taman Paramount were also affected by the pavements that had been built without a standard operating procedure.

“There should be some form of monitoring to ensure the people do not have a difficult time moving around Taman Paramount and SS3,” he said.

Voice of Women president Chew Hoong Ling said there were two homes in the area for the disabled, and most of them move around Taman Paramount and SS2 in electronic wheelchairs.

“The high pavements make it difficult for them, forcing them to use the road. This is very dangerous for the disabled who earn a living selling knick knacks nearby.

Dr Wong urged Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohammad Roslan Sakiman and MBPJ to investigate the matter.

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