20120815 NST

RAPE What’s the root cause of teen sex? The national bowler charged with statutory rape is standing a free man- The news gives us opportunity to revisit such cases. Many groups urged the courts to review the case, thinking it was too lenient to let go of a “rapist.

The word “rape” and being a “rapist” sends a strong signal to activist groups, rallying support to punish the bowler heavily.

Yet, many forgot to ask what happened to the girl, who may now be waiting to sit the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia exams soon.

How does she feel when news on her “lover” gained such publicity? Will she be called a “victim” of a rape case and be ridiculed in school?.

 I hope that when cases like this happen, young “victims” and their family members will be given counselling, guidance and be allowed to carry on with life.

The ultimate question: why do young couples have sex at such a young age, and will stricter laws ensure teen sex will not happen?.

Finding the root cause of teen sex could be a better answer, rather than asking for stricter laws and sending these “rapists” to jail. Let us ponder.

Chew Hoong Ling, president. Voice of Women Association Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Petaling Jaya.

20120815 NST

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