(in the news ::: The Star, 20 September 2012)



  Tee Hui Yi helped create organ donation awareness THE sudden death of Tee Hui Yi was a shock to ail Malaysians.

  Hui Yi (pic) brought us tears, hope and inspiration for organ donation awareness in Malaysia.

  In a country where less than 1% of its population have registered as organ pledgers and only 384 real cardaveric donors till now, it was joy and hope for Hui Yi when she received a double heart transplant a few years ago.

  It was truly a miracle, considering there were only 47 real donors last year, the figure was already the highest in the country’s history.

  Organ transplants give hope to the many organ failure patients who are waiting for organs. In Malaysia, we have more than 15,000 people on the waiting list and many have been waiting for years. 

  Yet, their suffering has not shed any light when the number of organ pledgers has come to almost a standstill despite numerous calls for pledges and campaigns done. 

  I hope more people will come forward to pledge their organs.

  Registrarion to pledge organs can be done online at http://agiftoflife.com. gov.my. May Hui Yi rests in peace.


  CHEW HOONG LING (A living liver donor), and President, Voice of Women .



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