Dear Editors,

When the country is heading towards national reconciliation and adopts the 1Malaysia way, we have high hopes and expectations for the new, fresh Cabinet of Malaysia.

The recent “Chinese tsunami” and call by our very Home Minister for the people who prefer a different voting system to emigrate, were really uncalled for.

Our Malaysian brothers also blogged and started to insist that the BN government “rewards” Malays and Bumiputera, and sidelining the Chinese just because of the General Elections results. This shows that we still do not understand our brothers and sisters of another ethnics, well enough.

While at general look, the General Election results looks like a major swing of the Chinese voters, Barisan Nasional must understand that there are a lot of Chinese voters who supported the BN too. If the BN is being defensive and start to “teach” a certain ethnic group a lesson, Malaysia will drift further apart from unity.

While many do not agree with street rallies by the Pakatan Rakyat nationwide, these bloggers who blogged to insist on racial line, has added salt to the already wounded unity of Malaysia.

We are Malaysians and this is our country. I can only hope that our fellow Malaysian bloggers understand the need for us to move forward as a nation and stay united.

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