26.06.2017 @ Sunway Pyramid
Family outing, 6 pax @ RM117
Rating: 2/5 😏

Go Noodle - Fish Paste Noodle Soup
Fish paste noodle soup
Go Noodle - Beef Noodle Soup
Premium sliced beef noodle soup
Go Noodle - Pan Mee Soup
Pan mee soup
Go Noodle - spicy pan mee (dry)
Spicy dry pan mee
Go Noddle - fried beancurd skin
Fried beancurd skin
Go Noodle - fried items
Fried spring roll with dried pork coin
Go Noodle - burst meat ball
Burst meat ball
  • Took a number, waited for about 15 minutes for a table
  • Ambience: Nice, wooden feel and took us back to the 50s with wooden stools, lives up to its name 面馆 (noodle house) but tables were not cleaned well, sticky and spoilt the experience
  • The branch at Jaya One (apparently the first branch) was way better, my aunt said
  • The soup today was too clear, tasteless and did not meet the standards, couldn’t even taste any wine in the soup
  • Fish paste noodle has big chunks of fish paste but only 5 slices of beef for the beef noodle, vegetable was scarce
  • Noodle portion is huge though – both my aunt and I couldn’t finish a bowl
  • The noodles – be it pan mee, meehoon or mee xian were all very smooth in texture and delicious, only to be spoilt by the tasteless soup
History of San Xian Tang Mi Xian
The menu begins with a short history of “San Xian Tang Mi Xian”
Part of the menu
Part of the menu
Choose noodle and soup
Choose your preferred noodle, then your choice of soup
Choice of pan mee
Your choice of pan mee style – thick, thin or tear

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