I first attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive when the author of “Secrets to the Millionaire Mind”, T. Harv Eker came to Malaysia to coach for the first time. It was at the National Achievers Congress (NAC) that Harv first appeared on stage to share his street-smart experience and then “sold” the MMI at very affordable price, a little over RM100.

At NAC, most of the courses were of a minimum of four-digit price tag, so MMI was attractive, not just because Harv was convincing but the price was definitely right. The three-day intensive program I attended really helped opened my mind, widened my horizon and definitely helped me from having a blur-print to a clear financial blueprint I could use for the rest of my life.

The MMI was by far the best life-changing, value-for-money course I have ever attended. MMI is to me a “battery charger”. Whenever I need a boost in motivation or to meet new friends of the same mindset, I will reattend MMI. I have since introduced (and bought tickets for) many friends to MMI, all of whom found MMI to be helpful in shaping not just their financial blueprint but also their lives. I must say I am a slow learner and reattending MMI helped me to learn and relearn.

First, I was aware of my financial blocks

There were questions to answer at the beginning of day one and at the end of day three of the program. These questions helped me realized that I despised rich people, despite wanting to be rich! When I was small, my family members told me not to befriend anyone rich or else they will blame poor people like us if they lost something precious. In other words, poor people like us are always scapegoats. Harv taught us if we didn’t like to be in that position, we will never be like them. So, if I didn’t like rich people who would blame poor people and put them as scapegoats, I will never be rich.

I also found out that I had much respect for my father who raised me up single-handedly. I felt guilty if I made more money than him. It was an amazing discovery which led me to understand why I didn’t budge from my financial position then.I was also in the SPENDER group, felt guilty and ashamed but Harv assured us that all four money types have pro and cons. Understanding myself helped a lot in getting ready to act.


Secondly, I was ready to take actions to rectify, I participated at 100%

Harv has a very powerful style of teaching, allowing the four walls of the seminar hall surrounded a “safe environment” for sharing and freely expressing ourselves. There were others who whispered things like “These foreigners will come and talk but we won’t know if they are good.” “These people are only good at selling” “See how much money they make”.

Instead of standing and observing to eventually pass remarks, I figured that I had nothing to lose if I were to participate at 100%. At least I did and I never regretted participated at over 100%. I took actions to rectify my situation and worked towards a better financial blueprint.


How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING!

The most powerful take home message was “How you do anything is how you do EVERYTHING!”. I am sure many people will be in my situation to sometimes slack or just not be bothered when it comes to things which we think were small or ignorable.

The three-day intensive course basically drilled this into my mind so much so that the saying kept lingering for the rest of my days, even months after.It conditioned the mind to do everything well, no matter what. I love this message which has shaped my thoughts, actions and eventually resulting in great leap forward in my career and life.


Six jars money management system

Harv taught at the very first day, the SIX JARS money management system. All money that pass through our hands, any income should be divided into six. Harv suggested jars to put the cash so that it will be visible and therefore actionable. The six jars and suggested percentage of income that goes into them were necessities NECC jar 55%, Financial Freedom Account FFA jar 10%, Long Term Savings for Spending LTSS jar 10%, Education EDU jar 10%, PLAY jar 10% and GIVE jar 5%.These numbers were merely suggestions and could be adjusted according to income levels but each jar has its purpose.

NECC was supposed to put food on the table, and all necessities including petrol, transport, groceries, clothes and a roof over the head. The FFA was meant ONLY for any investments or purchase of assets which will generate income, NEVER to be spent for any other purposes except for financial freedom. LTSS was meant to save money needed for a bigger dream like a camera, downpayment for a new home or a deposit for a new car. Education jar was meant for lifelong learning, PLAY must be finished for the month for relaxation, a movie, massage or just play and GIVE, as it suggests, was to be donated to charities.

Harv actually went on to suggest opening six bank accounts for the six jars and use credit cards for all purchases for the convenience of having one credit card statement for all expenses. From the statement, each expense will be categorized into either NECC, FFA, LTSS, EDU, PLAY, or GIVE and then use six cheques to pay off the credit card debt – one category from each jar. I have created a virtual six jars with a smartphone apps and have been using this system for the longest time ever. I have never lasted with any other budgeting system for so long.


Am I being sold or do I really want to buy?

During MMI, Harv sold many times, many of their courses which costs four to five figure in pricing. While many participants detested sales and did not like it when Harv started selling, I came to realize that each time he promoted a course, he followed a certain template – introducing a course, benefits and what we will learn, testimonial and created a value-for-money price tag and limited time offers. I actually learned when he sold. I jot down notes of what we will learn if we bought the courses and at times googling the notes helped me increase my knowledge too.

I was just like anyone else, felt emotional and moved to buy the courses but I was only a fresh graduate who could not yet afford any. I realized I was being sold but without the money, it forced me to pause and thought deeply. However, there were courses which I felt will really helped in my business and career, so I went on to attend the Guerrilla Business Intensive (GBI) held in Singapore.In any seminars or sales talk I went from then on, I always stayed alert and be aware if I was merely being sold or if I really wanted to buy.


√ Life-changing, highly engaging workshop
√ Trainers are here to stay, having courses year after year
√ Integrity – trainers deliver more than what was promised

√ Value for money
√ Free 90-day mind programming workbook to work on ourselves even after course. However, no follow ups were done. I have seen excited participants opening new WhatsApp groups to share daily quotes and good mornings, only to die off within a month (or three) 🙂

x Sales intensive, so be in control – are you being sold or do you really want to buy?
x Future courses are expensive, depending on individuals
x Many MLM marketers, insurance agents and the likes attending the event. By all means, do network with people but be prepared to be approached for sales after the event if you exchange enough cards. No harm listening – are you being sold or do you really want to buy?

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