27.06.2017 @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras
Family outing, 5 pax @ RM115.40
Rating: 3.8/5

HK Boy Cart Noodle (Bandar Mahkota Cheras)


Hong Kong feel at the interior


Notices pasted on the wall, creating the Hong Kong street side feel
One Hong Kong busy street as background of the shop


The feel of having Hong Kong street food. Note the thermos flasks at the background. A rating for hygiene too
Noodle with enoki mushrooms, pork belly with salted vegetables, radish and luncheon meat


Noodle with braised chicken feet, fish balls and beef tripe
Beef tripe noodle with radish


Spicy noodle with luncheon meat, radish, pork intestine and pig blood curd
Macaroni with cheese sausage and white radish


Deep fried fish skin
Curry fish balls


Hong Kong rice noodle rolls with sesame seeds, peanut sauce, sweet sauce and a tinge of spice
Hong Kong style milk tea chilled in a bucket of ice
  • It took only less than 10 minutes to have a table despite a few groups of people waiting ahead of us
  • Ambiance: A good attempt to reminisce Hong Kong feel all around, with walls painted to depict a street in Hong Kong, handwritten notices pasted on walls, a huge background photo of a busy street in Hong Kong as well as cooking stations like street stalls
  • The order chits are all in Chinese, so if you are some sort of a “banana” (someone who can’t read Chinese) like me, you will need help. Otherwise, I attempt to translate the chit below, of course with the help of a Chinese educated aunt but we left out a few which we couldn’t understand.
  • You have choices of noodles and the gravy to go with the superior soup base. The waitress explained that the soup has to go with a gravy of your choice or it will be tasteless. You have choices of noodles and all add-ons
  • Offers quite a few side dishes, too – we ordered the curry fish balls, cheung fun and deep fried fish skin, all delicious to go with our bowls of noodles. Malaysians will love our local curry, so the Hong Kong style curry with lots of curry powder will not do good to our palate. We would prefer the cheung fun to be smoother, but the nice blend of sauces and generous sesame seeds made up for it. The crispy deep fried fish skin was a good add-on, crunchy and finished in seconds.
  • The winner on our table must go to the beef noodle – the soup was flavourful and beef tripe (stomach) good in texture, soft to chew. We prefer a better kuey teow though. Coming from Ipoh and often having Ipoh chicken hor fun, the kuey teow here has nothing to shout about.
  • I personally like the radish, soft and translucent, quite thick slices to go with the noodle.
  • We like that the toppings are aplenty. Visible in the photos above, the toppings are often generous and in thick slices covering the noodles, yet the noodle portion is still good for an adult. I couldn’t finish them though. Overall, it is a value-for-money bowl of noodle.
A loyalty card is provided for each customer based on purchase
One stamp for every RM20 purchase. The third stamp entitle patrons for a milk tea or yin yong (milk tea with coffee), the sixth stamp rice noodle roll or curry fish balls
Order chit for each patron
HK Boy Cart Noodle first attempt in translation – please correct me if I am wrong by placing comments below


Side orders and drinks order chit

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HK Boy Cart Noodle Sdn. Bhd. (HQ) 香港仔車仔麵

6, Jalan Temenggung 25/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Selangor.
011-2633 8169

Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday
12.00 pm – 3.30 pm and 6.00pm to 10.30pm

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