I have been learning a lot of campervan, caravan and living in a van. One main reason I bought a Proton Exora was for its mobility and later, travelling around Malaysia with it. It is now my mobile office fitting my bag, documents, printer and always some clothes which allow me to stay overnight at friends place.

Photo from wemotor.com

One advantage is the back seats can fold to a flat surface, enough for me to sleep at one side and store all needed camping material at the other side.

At first, I was fancying over amazing build and modification of the car interior but as I sat and thought of what we need in life, things can be so simple.

I figured out we need to eat, sleep and relax (pee and poo, too).


  • Kitchen – gas stove with a wind blocker, cooking utensils, pot, pan, cutting board and knife, cutleries, bowl, plates, cup
  • Washing – water supply, basic basin, soap and sponge


  • Sleeping bag, pillows, bolster (desirable), blankets
  • Mosquito net
  • Privacy – curtains/cloths to block windows


  • Books, reading light, folding bicycle (desirable), laptop

Pee and poo

  • A private place, so I got a pop up tent too
Pop up tent (photo from Amazon)


  • Electricity – it took me a while to finally learned the idea of using solar panels in the car (will share later)
  • Supply of water
  • Supply of fresh food
  • Reducing heat in the car

With all these in mind, it didn’t seem like I needed any fancy modification. I’d like to try out some modifications or woodwork to the car one day – an idea conceived like 2 years ago yet never executed.

Storage box from Ikea

I first bought a storage box from Ikea, a big one which snugly fit half of the space at the back portion of my MPV. Later, it seems like the items I carried were not much, I bought a smaller one enough to “sardined” all I needed so there won’t be cling and clung sounds when I drive. We also packed these traction aids in case we got stuck in mud or whatever else, we didn’t know we needed such things until I found some on https://www.sky-liners.com/maxsa-vs-maxtrax/, they really come in handy when you find your wheels are spinning without friction.
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