Chang Jiang is a well known coffee brand from Perak. I love it for its aromatic and thickness. I first felt in love with the blue colour packaging of white coffee without sugar. The creamer was smooth and coffee just right to the taste bud.

So when there is a coffee place by Chang Jiang, I had to take a look.

Open from 9.30am to 5.00pm on Thursdays to Sundays
Kong’s – accordingly the blue and red packaging are from the same family brother and sister
Nice refreshing feel as you enter its doors
Welcoming feel right at the door steps
Deco is simple but nice
Old fashioned mugs hung at the cabinet
Traditional plates and mugs, a flask and pot
Kong smiling as she poses for a photo – while making coffee
Art deco on the walls
Calligraphy art steals the show
Antique and collection of teapot with cups
Tea leaves utensils
Bring your tea leaves or get them here and enjoy your tea brewing session right here
Small alley but cosy
Calligraphy brushes and ink as deco in the new room
Lots of photo opportunity at every nook and corner of the room
The artist is still at his final touches to the walls
More to come
Is it a door or is it not?
Back to the 60s?
This blog cannot end without highlighting the special brew coffee by Kong. The aromatic flavour, thick and smooth broth as well as the right blend of sugar and milk, is just amazing. Coupled with the right deco and ambience, having tea here is just so relaxing. A place where you want to have some quiet time, perhaps even with a book


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