1. Killing the Perfectionist
Perfectionism killed me for a while. I knew it but I didn’t take actions towards rectifying but just stopped working to avoid that. If someone else cannot do as good as me, I will do it myself. I couldn’t take wrong words, spelling or flaws, eyes were so quick to catch mistakes and rectifying mistakes was my strength. I didn’t mind doing it all alone, working extra hours or lacking sleep. It didn’t help either when I had a perfectionist boss who made me changed a letter 5 times before he finally signed it. Naturally, delegation was never in my dictionary. Even the boss insisted I wrote all his letters, and only me.
During elections, there was no time for perfection. I took the trouble to start everything from scratch myself – from setting up an office to running the campaign but at the busiest period, I needed to delegate and accepted flaws. I learnt that at least the works done by others have reached its intended objectives, cosmetic flaws were okay.
2. Jumping out the comfort zone
It took decades to build a reputation and success for the pride of a family that never tasted much success. At the peak, I was awarded several state and national youth awards, as well as being “crowned” as a “living Buddha” after donating part of my liver. At first suggestion of my candidacy, even my Dad said, “Huh? Then the reputation of a living Buddha will be gone…” I took the risk and swam in the sea of slanders and lies about me.
Now, we can even laughed about it! Comments came so nasty, example like I must have had a one-night stand with the party President for this candidacy. We laughed and replied “you don’t know how many nights..”
Despite that, seeing the recent elections with so many lies, slanders and perception game really took toll on me. Saddened with the defeat, I had some housekeeping to my FB, my life and even my wardrobe. How words can actually build or destroy life, is amazing.
3. Getting into depression and out of it – quickly
After the general elections when I was a Parliament candidate, losing the seat was a hard knock and I was swiped into depression for about two months. It wasn’t easy for someone who is a social activist to be in a fierce elections. The recent GE also made me insane, sad and really devastated but having experienced depression and getting out of it, this time I got out of depression fairly quick.
At any point of our life, taking some risks, jumping out of comfort zone and trying new things could add colours to our lives and wonders to our short years in this journey. Most importantly will be the lessons learnt in each phase.

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