Recent news swept the mass media on how keto diet was really bad.

I lost 7kg (11kg as of end of October 2018), Gaviscon is not part of my diet anymore despite prolonged hours of not eating and I enjoyed weighing myself on the weighing scale daily…. with keto diet!

When my BMI went into the Overweight zone, the alarm triggered. I went on an eat clean, low fat diet with exercise, including fruits and vegetables in the diet, started in February this year. In May – after 4 months into this habit, I lost 3kg. 3 blardddyyy kilosss! In FOUR MONTHS!!

Then, I switched to keto diet with high fat (as in 70% good natural fat), mid protein 25%, zero to minimal carbs. High fat diet to lose weight? No way, you’d say.

I lost 2KG IN JUST 10 DAYS! Then, I attended a nun novitiate program. We do not eat after 12pm and with fruits and vegetables mostly, I increased 1kg.

All in all, I have lost 7kg now. Ups and downs because of durians (how to resist?) and some hometown food every time I went back.

The most important, however, is keto diet saved my gastric problem. I had stomach ulcers, fed on medication for 6 months and slowly got back to my favourite coffee and asam laksa only in the last few years. Gastric was common for me so much so that Gaviscon was my companion everywhere I went but now my two bottles of Gaviscon are in the refrigerator. I passed by them in a pharmacy without thinking to restock. I pack for travels without the need to check if I have Gaviscon with me. I can eat one meal a day with no gastric problem nor any acid reflux.

I have seen testimonials after testimonials of how people on keto diet threw away medication for high blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and sugar level too. I recover from flu in 3 days compared to a week to 10 days in the past. I have seen testimonials of people recovered from sinus of which I am anticipating this.

If you are in a pharmaceutical company, no doubt you will go all out to “kill” keto diet! If you are a doctor and lack information of keto diet, you will resist it too. Food manufacturers will also kill keto diet. Why? When we shop, we buy meats, coconut oil, butter, avocado, salmon, seafoods among others and ignored 90% of the supermarket. 90% of the supermarket is stocked with food which are high in carbs, low fat or simply processed foods which we don’t take much or at all. Yet, I still thank and appreciate friends and family members (including my Dad) telling me how keto diet is bad. Is the thoughts that count.

I find my usual daily naps not in my routine anymore. While I could only have a maximum attention span of one hour when I drove, I can now drive 2-3 hours continuously.

Keto diet saved not just my gastric, BMI and health, but also my wallet and bank account. So when people say keto diet is good, I know why it is good.

Keto diet is so bad for doctors, for the industry, and bad for economy. So when people say keto diet is bad, I know yes, it is bad.

NOTE: Do all the research needed, the science behind the diet and why it works so you understand why the % of macro intakes. I do not condone blind following of a certain diet just because it works. You can get more information to get started here


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