Candy Crush was the craze and mobile game addiction a few years ago, 2012 to be exact. The fun of crushing candies, social media aspect of interacting with friends playing the game and thousands of levels to pass, making it the most addictive game at one time.

Almost everyone around me including my mom and closest friends have one time or another played the game before.

I related the game to some real life experience and these are what I have learnt. I am not an avid game player but Candy Crush allow me time to reflect life. Absurd as it may sound – how can an addictive game relate to life? Let’s see.

1. Innovate to success

Candy Crush is not a new game. It was an old game of matching same tiles together to score points but Candy Crush innovated the simple game by adding more fun factors into it. 93 million people have played the game and the publisher, King reported a three-month revenue of $493 million. How many of us can really take an old idea and turn it into money?

2. Life lessons from the game itself

a. The deadline

The game gives 5 “lives”, and each life is spent when you fail to complete a game within its targeted time, number of moves or minimum score. In life we too have deadlines or goals to fulfill. Candy Crush makes it easier by having the option to buy lives or ask from friends. In life, we sometimes can buy time but most often, we don’t have the luxury. Appreciate life

b. The objective

At each level, Candy Crush sets a target or goal – collect 30,000 points within 20 moves, or reach a certain score within a stipulated time. How many of us have been strayed to matching coloured candies until we forgot the original objective? Just like in life, we may not be focused enough. In fact, the more I play Candy Crush the more I relook at its goals and taking each movr to reach them. Life should be the same, to relook at our purpose in life and focus on moves to achieve it.

c. Start all over again

Sometimes it is just that one last step to pass that level but alas, because number of allowed moves show a big ZERO, we have to start all over again. In life, sometimes is good to start all over again or start somewhere to begin with

d. Sometimes it is luck

Really, it is not that the game can be controlled all the time. Is not just about the wisdom or clever maneuvers but it depends on luck as well. How well this relate to life too.

e. We all need friends

Don’t we? In game, some boosters do help, especially at times of difficult levels to pass. Just like us having difficulty in life and sometimes a friend can be a good booster.

f. Everyone loves bonuses

I look forward to the bonuses like the daily spin or some challenges to collect extra boosters. So, do give yourself some “bonuses” sometimes. Friends and family members love these “bonuses” too!

3. Self controlled or game controlled?

After a while being addicted to the game – I mean it was a game I look forward to as I woke up in the morning and before I slept at night – I started asking if I am controlling myself or am I being controlled by the game?

Taking a step back, deleting the game from the mobile phone or hide the icon shortcut from the homepage of the mobile phone helped. The game will always be there, but when our time is used, it is gone. I don’t compete among friends to complete levels or to show powress with a game. I only compete with myself and finish a certain level or just something fun to fill time.

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