I decided to vlog on my food reviews next. In fact, this is my first vlog entry on Canning Dim Sum, a halal dim sum shop in Ipoh.

Service was good and warm despite being a busy Sunday and a full house. When the staffs knew that I was vlogging, they patiently took most of the food for my photography before serving to other tables. I credit the dedicated staffs for the mouth watering food photos in the video.

I was expecting nothing that good. What’s good in dim sum without pork and especially so in Ipoh, the haven for dim sum? I was in for a surprise. The food tasted really good and the specials were really special. The variety they had really wins those non-halal restaurants. Surroundings was really beautiful and it became a hotspot for photography too.

I think Canning Dim Sum can go far. Judging from mostly Chinese eating at the restaurant, it cannot be far from tasty. Pricing wise, it is good. Four full stomachs at only RM82 is a good deal.

For more information, watch the YouTube video or click here https://youtu.be/-llqh5gmNBw

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