Note: First of all, my sincere apology if some of you may feel uncomfortable with how I presented this vlog but majority of my Indian ethnic friends said I should go ahead and post for the informative content. It was also during Deepavali season that the post reflects a little with Indian clothes too.

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – is finally reaching the shores of Malaysia. A decade ago, the technology was expensive and not cost effective. Today, we have seen shops like Decathlon use RFID for check out at point-of-sale system. Touch ‘n Go finally announces the RFID Tag as a new way for toll payments.

It was disappointing at first when registration for RFID tags was closed but recently, TnG reopened registration for RFID and I grabbed the opportunity. Registration was simple, more so if you already have a Touch ‘n Go e-wallet ID (not the physical Touch ‘n Go card).

In this video, I documented the process of getting my vehicle fitted with RFID tag and how to use the TnG e-wallet. This is *NOT* a paid or sponsored post. I embrace technology and feel that only when the mass uses new technology will there be affordability, advancement and innovation to better enhance the society we live in.

Step 1: Pre-register as RFID pilot users at this site.
Step 2: Meanwhile, download and install Touch ‘n Go e-wallet to your phone and register for a e-wallet ID
Step 3: Wait for an email to fix appointment. While waiting, why not try if it works when you register here.  (Mine and a few friends did just that!), enter car registration details and fix an appointment
Step 4: Get needed documents ready – there will be a list of needed documents displayed once you fix an appointment
Step 5: Get RFID tag fitted, load your Touch ‘n Go e-wallet and start using when the RFID tag is ready

I have also written a piece on e-wallet, published in Money Compass financial magazine. Feel free to read it here

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