This is **NOT** a paid post. If you would like to sign up for any of the e-wallet mentioned, please consider using my referral codes:
1. Boost: chebj3z (I get up to RM5 cashbback when you accumulate RM10 prepaid credit top up, you also get RM5 cahsback after your first prepaid credit topup)
2. BigPay: 0O9LPKWVX2 (Both of us get RM10 once your card is activated)
3. Fave Pay: PX6MD (Both of us get RM5 cashback when you redeem and spend minimum RM10)

E-wallets in Malaysia – While China only has 2, Malaysia has 44 bank and non-bank e-money issuers approved by Bank Negara Malaysia. Yet, as consumers, we tend to benefit when the technology is new and competitions among the e-payment systems are high. Therefore, to squeeze the juice out of these e-wallets, let us try a few of them. I tested Boost, Grab Pay, Wechat Pat, Alipay, Maybank QR Pay, Lazada Wallet and Fave Pay in this video.

My personal favourite now is still Boost, slowly liking Touch ‘n Go e-wallet for the contests and promo they have, and Big Pay/Fave Pay should be in my list soon. My article on advantages of e-wallets here.

1. For the Wechat Pay, I was using a debit card (not credit card as mentioned)
2. For the Petronas vouchers, I bought four (not one as mentioned).
RM28.50 each means a saving of RM1.50 each = Saved RM6.00
Shopping cart voucher discount = Saved RM10.00
Cashback from the last 11Street purchase = Save RM3.00
Boost Shake Reward = Saved RM1.50
PROMO Boost-11Street Cashback for purchase of RM60 = Save RM5.00
TOTAL Savings RM25.50!! Plus a chance to win a car and other prizes.

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