Giving is not just about giving money or donations. Being peaceful and spending time with peace-loving people is also a way to give because our actions inspire a more peaceful place to live in.

Around the world, men are at war, war, war and more wars! But in Malaysia, there is a gathering of women for World Peace! International Women’s Peace Group in Malaysia consists of members who are NGO leaders promoting peace, unity and harmony through education and various projects.

IWPG’s mission is to bring together 3.6 billion women throughout the world to build a peaceful future for the young generation. Currently based in Johor Bahru, led by Mdm. Woo Sow Pheng, IWPG is branching to Kuala Lumpur and setting its new base here.
Today’s (14th December 2018) forum gathered various women leaders and women who have worked for peace missions around the world.

IWPG was established in November 2013, headquartered at the Republic of Korea and has organized peace education programs, advocacy, exchange cooperation, conferences, forums, camps and various cultural activities for peace. It is a global network formed among women, youths, religious leaders, political leaders and NGO leaders with one aim – to promote peace and leave the world a better place for the younger generations.

Dr. Jane Goodall, United Nation’s Messenger of Peace said it rightly, “Peace starts from within” Sh added, “Everyday we try to do something to make things a little bit better”

So, how can you make your surrounding more peaceful today?

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