This interview was accidental and since I was at it, I took the opportunity to have a casual, frank and spontaneous conversation with Tan Sri Dr. Chua Soi Lek, the former President of Malaysia Chinese Association (MCA), Malaysia’s largest Chinese political party.

In this interview, we relooked at the height of a scandal which abruptly ended his political career. A compact disc of his alleged sex encounter with a woman not his wife, was circulated among members of the press and at coffee shops. More astonishing was his admitting that he was the one in the CD, further relinquishing all political and government posts.

He then made a comeback by winning the Deputy Presidency and eventually rose to be the President of MCA. It was then that I was asked to stand in the general elections, a challenge I took as a part of my exciting journey in life. Losing the Parliamentary seat and with no important posts in MCA, Tan Sri Dr. Chua is still graceful enough to have occasional tea or dinner as well as accepting exclusive interviews like this.

His recent book, “Like Me or Hate Me” said rightly – people either like him or hate him – no in between. So, hate him or like him, he is still the most friendly politician friend I have so far. Perhaps after this, no politicians will be willing to accept interviews with me.

00:17 – Actually I don’t really like you. You are not handsome and don’t give a very good impression
00:33 – What the f is wrong with you? When the CDs were distributed, you can say “Sounds like me, looks like me but not me”
00:50 – People who watched the CD said you last very long, what’s your secret?

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