As a blogger and vlogger, I have some rules that go around here. I write with 100% honesty and what comes to mind. In any case, which rarely occurs, if I am sponsored or whenever I receive something for free, I will also place a disclaimer on that post. I will not compromise my honesty nor accept any payment to change my views. If it goes against my beliefs, I will not post them on my blog.

Copyright Information

All texts and photos are original unless otherwise stated. All media cuttings and excerpt from the respective media are also stated and copyright belongs to the respective media. I always appreciate and will be delightful if you are interested to share any of the posts and reviews. However, please respect copyright and don’t copy and paste the text to claim as yours.

Taste differs

As human, tastes and preference to any food differ from one to another. My reviews on food and restaurants only represent my views. I also post opinions of others if we have a family outing or a friends gathering for more reference and do justice for the reviews. However, all opinions are personal and we attempt to post the best that represents our honesty and preference.